Solar Mist – Safe Cleaner helps balance the microflora environment applied surfaces, to regulate, deodorise and lower the frequency of cleaning over time by breaking down bio-films and forming a protective glaze of a healthy microflora, so the tangible feeling of clean lasts longer. Compatible for use on most types surfaces and things expect easily tarnished metals. Multi-tasking, designed for real women in the 21st century.


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Solar Mist uses more than 50,000 friendly, intelligent microbes to help keep things clean and odour free, controlling the adaptation and growth of pathogens with an army of probiotics that works for you and your environment up to 48-72 hours after each application.

Powered by proprietary Australian Biotechnology, Solar Mist harnesses the power of citrus oils and lactobacillus. It is likely the only fermentation technology that continuously goes on its bottle through solar power (UV, infrared and visible light) as energy inputs, thus rendering a long/unlimited shelf-life. No chemicals and poisons, only natural fermentation with organic essential oils. Safe for children, pets and the planet. Bottled in a recycled BPA free, recycled PET plastic bottle, housed in a recycled paper box.


Spray on surfaces and wipe with a damp cloth to spread an army of micro managers around.

For larger surfaces (e.g. mopping of floors), dispense 4 mists into a bucket of lukewarm water. No strict rules, these microbes are intelligent, not temperature sensitive, and will adapt to its environment. Use it to


Dirt, grease, odour and fungal control on all surfaces (not ideal for easily tarnished metals).

Gentle enough in your home and yet strong enough for commercial use and septic systems like drains, sinks and pipes. You will notice that water stains dry faster, a clean that can be tangibly felt, and cleaning frequencies should reduce over time.


Probably the only cleaner that you can keep in reach of kids and pets. Mist to clean toys and play area. Safe for children, pets, sensitive skin and of course, the planet.


Probably the only cleaner gentler enough that you can keep in reach of kids and pets, and yet strong enough to use on septic systems and industrial/commercial premises.

Mist over pets’ and babies’ waste

Mist into toilet bowls

Mist into pipes and septic systems

Establish a regular misting routine to maintain a healthy and stable microbial community, which continues working up to 48 hours after every mist.

Weight : 100ml

Case Study :

by Daniel Haslinger

University of Applied Sciences, Wels, Austria

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What's in the product?

Fermentation extracts, natural enzymes, *organic essential oils (lemon, lime, orange, pine), citric acid, lactic acid, alcohol surfactant (by-product of fermentation).

Key groups of strains :
Lactobacillus, photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts.

*Special continuous fermentation allows the potency of essential oils to be perpetually reproduced in its bottle.


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