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The Cough Ear Seeds Kit contains ear chart showing auriculotherapy points that are believed to correspond to cough related regions of the body. Kit includes ear seeds, cough point chart, and tweezers.


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The Cough Ear Seeds Kit contains small stainless steel ear pellets on clear, latex-free adhesive tape for an almost invisible look. Great for men, darker skin tones, prominent ears or those who prefer an almost invisible appearance.

Also ideal to pair with just a couple of Swarovski Crystal-embellished pellets, so you can have a touch of sparkle while stimulating a larger number of points.

Why stainless steel?

In traditional Chinese medicine, different metals are believed to inhabit different healing characteristics. Stainless steel is known for its neutral and balancing properties.

Elevate your ear acupressure. Some highlights of the Cough Ear Seeds Kit include:

  • 40 stainless steel ear seeds.
  • Long-Lasting, latex-free invisible tape for an inconspicuous appearance.
  • Designed to last through showering, swimming, and daily activities.
  • Fits even the Smallest of Ears: Great for Kids!
  • Instructions for use.
  • Clearly illustrated graphic image detailing points believed to correspond to cough.
  • Stainless steel tweezers.
  • Typically Stays in Place for 2-4 Days.


Whats in the product?

120 pieces latex-free vaccaria ear seeds


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