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Cocobaci Oil Pulling contains the healing and cleansing benefits of coconut oil combined with Cocobaci’s integrated natural technology using Aromatherapy oils and Gemmotherapy. It tastes great, freshens breath and provides both emotional and physical healing benefits.


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Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing edible oil in your mouth to pull disease causing pathogens and bacteria from your teeth and mouth lining, saving your gut and lymphatic system from absorbing more toxins.

Cocobaci Oil Pulling contains the healing and cleansing benefits of coconut oil combined with Cocobaci’s integrated natural technology using Aromatherapy oils that taste great, freshen breath and have both emotional and physical healing benefits, and Gemmotherapy  – a special therapy using plant “stem cells” – new plant tissue filled with enzymes and hormones.

Oil pulling is a natural method of detoxification. People have reported having whiter teeth and healthier pink gums after incorporating oil pulling into their daily routine. Some have even experienced greater health benefits such as reduction in joint pain, clearer skin, balancing hormones, and many more.

Benefits of Cocobaci Oil Pulling

  • Improves dental health
  • Removes Bacteria and plaque
  • Brighter, whiter teeth
  • Deep body detoxification
  • Assists with hangovers
  • Helps to prevent and relieve headaches
  • Cellular detox – drains toxins


Coconut Oil

  • Attracts Streptococcus Mutans, the main culprit that causes cavities
  • Its antifungal properties have been shown to help reduce candida and yeast in the body and fight yeast infections
  • Can help fight infection and flu due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties


This special therapy uses the newly grown tissues of various parts of plants such as the buds, emerging shoots, reproductive parts, rootlets and sap gathered at the time of year when these tissues are at their peak, be it spring (buds) or autumn (seeds), to gain advantage of the hormones and enzymes released.

Cocobaci uses a special remedy made from oak bud extract (Quercus pedunculata), that acts as a universal drainer for cellular detox, and is excellent for gum disease and inflammation


An ancient method of holistic healing that uses aromas to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. The physical and emotional benefits of essential oils can be used to manage a wide range of illnesses.

– Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
– Contains a high concentration of ellagic acid, a phenolic compound that prevents cancer, thereby curbing the growth of cancer cells and – Eliminating the progress of some cancers.
– Prevents acceleration of ageing
– Boosts immunity

How to Use Cocobaci Oil Pulling?

  • Open the sachet
  • Squeeze the contents out into your mouth
  • Swirl it around for 10 minutes
  • Spit it out!
  • Repeat the 15 days programme
  • Admire your beautiful smile and feel great that you have done your bit towards great health!

Weight: 15 x 8ml sachets


What's in the product?

Cocos Nucifera Oil (Organic Virgin Coconut Oil), Raspberry Favour Oil, Quercus Robur Bud Extract (Organic Oak Bud Extract), D-Limonene


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