@Aroma C02 Clean Mint Clean Air Essential Oil

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This clean citrus scent purifies the air with the refreshing sweetness of mint.


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The @aroma Clean Air series focuses on the functions of natural scents for keeping the air clean and fresh.

Using 100% pure essential oil blend, this CLEAN MINT clean air mist contains :

Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil : immunity booster; anti-viral, anti-fungi and anti-bacteria properties to support healthy lungs; also helps with common cold, loosening phlegm and easing congestion.

Rosemary essential oil : immunity booster; boost cognitive function and memory;  anti-inflammation, anti-viral, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungi properties; relieves common symptoms that come with cold and flu, such as congestion, cough, and stuffy sinuses; helps reduce stress.

Teatree essential oil : anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungi properties; helpful for fighting and preventing congestion, coughs and the common cold.

Spearmint essential oil : antiseptic, antispasmodic properties; relieves stress, regulates menstruation; stimulates blood circulation to boost immunity and toxin removal; insect repellent attributes.

To Use : Pour 2 to 5 drops into an essential oil aroma diffuser. Do not eat or apply directly onto skin.

Weight : 10ml

What is in the product?

Eucalyptus Globulus, Rosemary, Teatree, Spearmint


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